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At Cirrant, our skilled team offers years of experience in a range of industries and for a wide assortment of needs. Service Offerings include:

IT Infrastructure Optimization

Fundamental and meaningful changes can only occur after an assessment of your current Network and Data Center Infrastructure including energy consumption. Learn more →


Cirrant’s holistic analysis will provide a strategy that ensures your company is positioned properly for the future while addressing your tactical requirements. Learn more →


Cirrant assesses each of our client’s infrastructure profiles to ensure the critical mass exists for moving forward with a re-engineering effort. We assess the applicability of all standards-based medium solutions, often recommending a Hybrid Copper Fiber Wireless (HCFW) or a Hybrid Fiber Wireless (HFW) solution.
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IT Energy Management

At Cirrant we believe that with the volatile cost of energy today, efficient energy use in your existing IT network be it your LAN or Data Centers is as important as planning energy choices in new and existing facilities.
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Project Management

We manage projects in accordance with generally recognized good practices, standards and ethics. Learn more→


Establish a holistic, centralized approach to IT asset management. Consolidate and document data from the physical layer including LAN’s and Data Centers, all IT assets, connectivity, power and workflows through graphical representations. Learn more →


Cirrant offers an infrastructure documentation training program for you to take advantage of to help you maintain your infrastructure. The training is designed to be individualized. It can be as basic or as advanced as you need it to be. Learn more →

Vendor Management

We'll work with you to review your vendors and determine your needs. Our IT vendor management recommendations could allow you to realize improved service and cost savings. Learn more →